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I love Mobile application development in iOS. Primary focusing on Objective-C Language and with experience in swift and ionicframework (Cordova). I am also fond of Photoshop and Wordpress which attracts me a lot to web development. I always like to explore new technologies to increase my skills to the best. Currently trying to conquire the world of HTML and CSS.

Apart from Progrmming, what I like the most is to be active on MIUI forum. Currently I been volunteering as a Moderator in the an App sub-forum which has helped me a lot to learn more about apps and mobile technology. When not in front of my Laptop, I go out mobile and Play Ingress. A fun game of Virtual Reality in which your mobile device can see stuff that our naked eyes cannot. I am known in the world of Ingress by the name @Shad0wStriker of the Enlightened faction.

Another interesting thing I have is to explore new locations in my Bike. I like travelling and riding a lot specially if the roads are good and straight. I am very fond of driving at night, specially when it rains.


Kochi, Kerala


+91 953 948 5865

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