User Experience is the Key


Native iOS Developer, SWIFT & OBJECTIVE-C, Flutter Developer, Wordpress Developer

A passionate iOS developer with 7+ years experience, specialised in native languages like Swift and Objective-C. Currently I spend my extra time to focusing on Flutter iOS and Android app development. My primary objective while creating app is to improve the user experience.

About me


Native Mobile Apps

Highly experienced in developing native mobile apps in Objective C and Swift. I focus mainly on the User Experience of the apps.

Flutter Mobile Apps

Having intermediate knowledge in developing Flutter based iOS and Android cross platform mobile apps.

Wordpress Websites

Having Intermediate knowledge in developing Wordpress websites and basic HTML websites.



My primary goal in life is to make tons of mobile apps, which can make life easier. If you have any ideas about creating any apps, then I am always here to make it come true.

If the apps are of public interest, I am willing to help out free-of-cost.

Currently, I am focusing on creating open source mobile apps, which can also help other developers too to learn and contribute to make the apps even better.

Swift 95%
Objective C 90%
HTLM & CSS 55%
Flutter 50%



Cochin, Kerala, India